“Beware The Believers”

I have no idea whether this parody (which is several years old) is actually against us or is just irreverently for us.  I think that’s part of why I like it so much.  That, and it’s totally well made, mesmerizingly bizarre, and undeniably hilarious in its visuals:

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Okay, after writing the above, I did the necessary Google search and the truth about the video’s origins and intents (if you really want the ambiguity dispelled) is here.

Without revealing the details of how and why it was made if you also looked them up, Your Thoughts?

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  • Ben Finney

    It was clearly (in retrospect) promotion for the “Expelled” movie, and intended to present a fiction of totalitarian scientists trampling academic freedom.

    What I still find intriguing is the likelihood that Michael Edmondson, the person responsible for directing and animating it, was quite opposed to the views of its sponsors, and made it somewhat ambiguous and funny to both sides.

    The lyrics are *really* well done. They do the service of the sponsors (and are thus somewhat slanted), but they also tell the history of the shift in scientific understanding in some detail.

    On the other hand the rapper who spoke the lyrics, in an interview afterward, clearly agrees with the sponsors of the video and had no such sense of irony.