Daily Awkwardness: Jesse Eisenberg’s SNL Monologue (With Mark Zuckerberg’s Cameo)

Every second of this, even before their blandly staged and scripted meeting, is completely awkward:

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  • Mary Young

    You’re taking the most uninviting personality in history (Zuckerberg) and putting him with a really awkward, self-conscious actor (Eisenberg). They should’ve just kept Andy Samberg as Zuckerberg – his parody of him does Zuckerberg’s personality justice.

  • http://stewartsstruggles2.blogspot.com/ Stewart, aka Luigi

    At least they do look similar enough. I know virtually nothing about Zuckerberg, but ‘the most uninviting character in history’??!! Maybe being ‘uninviting’ isn’t such a bad thing, though. He could’ve turned out a real charmer, like Ted Bundy.

  • The Vicar

    I deliberately do not watch figures like this, for this very reason. Notice how the whole debate about Zuckerberg’s business ethics has been sidelined into a conversation about whether he’s awkward or not? It’s irrelevant! The only thing about Zuckerberg that matters to any of us personally is how Facebook’s policies work, and they are uniformly terrible. I don’t care if Zuckerberg is awkward, or sexy, or cute like a baby bunny — he’s a lousy human being.

    It’s kind of the way I deliberately don’t watch speeches by politicians, either. Who cares whether Obama speaks less stumblingly than Bush? (Well, okay, for diplomatic purposes it’s nice that he doesn’t trip over his tongue or sound like a hay gone to seed. But I’m talking about speeches to the American public, who have to live with his performance.) I read summaries afterwards, and then watch what actually happens. Measured in this way, Obama is a terrible president.