Daily Hilarity: “The Saddest Book In The Universe”

The Saddest Book in the Universe (pic)

Via AbeBooks.

Reminds me of my favorite song and video from my childhood, which has always stuck with me. In this episode of the Muppet Babies the muppet babies overheard Nanny discussing which one from the nursery she was going to get rid of. The horrified muppet babies assumed she was planning to get rid of one of them and started trying to figure out who it was going to be. I do not remember if they discovered a fair method of choosing among themselves or whether they just thought they figured out who Nanny would choose, but somehow they settled on the expectation that Fozzie was the one to go and they sang him this song to cheer him up about his new prospects without them:

As the sort of half extrovert/half introvert who has always thrived both on the presence of other people and also his time alone (including on trips to restaurants, the movies, etc.) this song has always been something of a theme song for me.

And while I am free associating here, Roger Ebert’s extraordinary posts on loneliness (and the internet) from last fall, in case you missed them then or want to reread them now, are here and here.

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