Does The Left Need Its Own Rush Limbaugh Or FOX News?

Conor Friedersdorf thinks the left is better off without Olbermann and not having all the liabilities that come with inflammatory characters:

The left has its own malign influences on public discourse. Some are rich and successful. It no more makes sense for liberals to envy the right it’s talk radio hosts than it makes sense for the right to envy the left for Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, or Michael Moore, which isn’t to say these people are perfect analogues – they’re certainly they’re less influential among liberals than Limbaugh is among conservatives, and it would be wrong to draw a false equivalence. But these figures were successful in gathering followers and driving stories. In the realm of politics, the pathologies that came as part of the package still resulted in a net loss.

The antidote for Fox News isn’t Keith Olbermann. It’s Jon Stewart. It isn’t a new left-leaning host who turns Glenn Beck-style destructive absurdity to different ideological ends – it’s someone who effectively demosntrates the absudity of blowhards.

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