May This Be The End Of Sarah Palin’s Cultural Influence

Even on the off-chance that the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords does not turn out to be at the hands of a right wing terrorist, can we now at least agree that Sarah Palin should be shamed out of politics by all on the left, center, and right for her disgraceful use of violent imagery and metaphors in political appeals?  There need not be any direct connection between her rhetorical ploys and today’s violence for us to see the cancer her words and ploys represent. They need to be rooted out of our discourse.

That chart, which recklessly associated cross hairs with congresspeople, was directed to by @SarahPalinUSA with the (now conspicuously removed) tweet:

And via Andrew Sullivan’s highly recommendable liveblogging, comes this ad which ran with and further develeoped Palin’s disgusting, violent meme:


Your Thoughts?

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  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Holy crap, I never noticed the cross-hairs.

  • godlizard

    I just want to know how she (and other teabaggers) *really* feel at this point. I know they delight in using thinly-veiled references to the violent use of firearms and then turning around and saying “oh, those crosshairs don’t mean I want someone shot!!” but what does it really feel like when dozens of people are gunned down at a supermarket on a Saturday morning? Are they at least a little ashamed, or are they secretly thrilled to see these “second amendment solutions” implemented?

    • Shaun

      Amen brother!

  • Jeff

    Palin’s political career is over. Her every word will be scrutinized even more. If she forges ahead with even more “target” and “reload” rhetoric, she’s being very irresponsible.

    • Shaun

      To be honest, I don’t think she ever had intentions to run for President. She merely was the Republicans’ altered ego. Just sit on the sidelines and make noise, a huge distraction. NO more!! I hope it was worth the ride for the Palins, Rumors has it that “Palin’s America” aired on TLC is NO MORE. Hoped she saved for a rainy day.

  • skylar

    Not to mention the “Lets take back the 20, TO GET HER (together) parallel. Weird.

  • Shaun

    Well it’s more than Sarah Palin who’s responsible for the recent assionation/terrorist attack. John Boehner; Billy O’Reilly (did it to Dr Tiller), Glen Beck (did it to Nancy Pelosi), Rush Limbaugh (what hasn’t he said that’s outragous?), and Sean Hanity to name a few… This is crazy! Now you have all these nut bags scattering like roaches. Very sad day in America.. Blood is on all their hands and should be held just as responsible as the gunman. This was all done in the name of health care? Toniigh I will pray that all people would wake up and stop being manipulated into voting again his/her best interest… in the name of Multi Billionaires and corporate america.