Michelle Malkin: Treat Atheists As Trolls

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There’s one unstated attitude that makes all this reflexive self-righteousness, galling hypocrisy, and unblinking sense of privilege possible, and it’s “Who Cares About Atheists?”

Your Thoughts?

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  • Chris

    Maybe I’m tired of their good cheer being stuffed down my throat. some of her best friends are atheists?? I do not believe it. Wow, the blond lady?? is really a troll

  • http://ethicalrealism.wordpress.com James Gray

    Notice that people hate atheits but not buddhists, despite the fact that almost all buddhists are atheists. Maybe they just hate the non-religious, even though there is no good definition of “religion.” For most people it means “something like Christianity.”

  • Daniel Fincke
  • Cameron Xavier McLinden

    Wouldn’t even know where to begin. When she started with, “Use one of the ten commandments to make your point?” and was 100% clueless to the sarcasm and point of hypocrisy behind the move, I think something in my brain just shut off. Then I saw Malkin and something in my pants just shut off. Thanks.

  • http://ethicalrealism.wordpress.com James Gray

    Dan, thanks for the reply. It sounds like your main point is that atheists have to be nonreligious and be a sort of anarchist with regard to religion (irrational traditional authorities).