The Heroes In Tucson: Bill Badger, Patricia Maisch, Joseph Zamudio, and Daniel Hernandez

How about we make Bill Badger, Patricia Maisch, Joseph Zamudio, and Daniel Hernandez household names?

How Hernandez, an intern, saved the congresswoman’s life:

“About 10 minutes into the event, we ended up hearing shots, and I’m pretty sure I heard someone say ‘gun,'” Hernandez said. “After that I ran from where I was – about 30 to 40 feet away from her – around a corner at the back of the line, towards where she was.

“My main job at that point was to try and do a little bit of triage with the limited things that we had, so I checked pulses and I looked at who was still breathing. I did two or three people before I noticed that the congresswoman was slumped over, obviously in pretty bad shape. I then made her my top priority because of the severity of her injury.”

Right away, Hernandez saw just how badly Giffords was hurt.

“Immediately I noticed that in the position that she was in, she was in danger of choking on her own blood just because of the way she was laying down on the floor,” Hernandez said. “The first thing I did was I picked her up and sat her upright so that she could breathe more easily. She was up against my chest.

“I then started with my bare hands trying to put pressure on her wound to prevent the blood flow from getting worse. Until we were able to get something other than my bare hand we were just applying pressure.”

He asked for something clean to help sop up the blood, and butchers brought him smocks.

Hernandez stayed with Giffords until help came.

And, as always, let’s thank science and technology for the doctors’ amazing abilities to save lives and the doctors and other medical contributors who everywhere everyday save lives.

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