This Could Actually Turn Me Catholic

As any one who knows me knows I find the idea that there is something supernaturally powerful and life saving, even god-incarnating, about Doritos pretty freaking compelling. Based on my experience with Doritos and my experience with communion wafers, only the former make any sense as a possible conduit in which Jesus comes back to a physical body.  I could also believe that the Dorito is God since I know most of my body comes from Doritos and I have many moments in which I ecstatically unite myself to them.  I even committed to them while attending a religious school and I have long been inclined to evangelize about them, even to my students.

So I don’t get why Catholics are upset. (And, in all seriousness, both the conservatives and the liberals among them alike, if they have any sense of humor, should welcome the discussions of the merits and limits of modernizing practices to make mass more appealing and should contemplate why a wafer is any more sensible, logical, realistic, or less blasphemous, material to say God inhabits than a Dorito is). And, of course, even if Catholics or other Christians do find this blasphemous, that should not be a curb on what other people feel entitled to do. As I argued just the other day, you don’t get to be a major cultural institution without affecting other people and thereby giving them the right to artistically express their own thoughts, even satirical or simply silly as in this case, about you.

Also, there’s a way to vote for this commercial to play during the Super Bowl and for the love of Almighty Dorito I beg you to do so!

(All links about this commercial above courtesy of your Friendly Atheist. )

Your Thoughts?

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