Dawkins Against Religion’s Claim To Superiority Because It Offers Absolute Morality

This is one of the most concise, eloquent, and accurate statements on the problem with religious absolutism in morality and the superiority of secular, non-absolutist approaches to morality I have ever heard. And it is certainly Dawkins’s best 2 and a half minutes on the topic of morality I have ever heard:

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    For the theist to suggest that their particular religion or god offers them an objective morality, they have no option but to adhere to both the morality set – and their associated punishments – as they are set out for them in scripture. The argument that ‘we have grown out of slavery’ is not a valid one when taking an objective morality that is ordained for you. Such individuals are not to permitted to have their own morality; It must be, and is, dictated to them. You simply obey that which has been imposed. Opinion in an objective morality is utterly worthless.