Loving Doubt’s Journey To Atheism Part 1: “Mishearing God”

As Marty Pribble correctly notes, another major atheist YouTube video maker whom I unfortunately omitted (because I did not yet know her) when I made my list of Top 10 Favorite Atheist/Rationalist YouTube Channels a while back was Loving Doubt, who chronicled all the steps of her deconversion from being a Pentecostal Christian in her popular multi-part series, “Journey to Atheism”. Here is part 1, “Mishearing God”:

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Watch the whole series (and more) from Loving Doubt here.

Your Thoughts?

  • mikespeir

    Once I started watching the first part I had to drop everything and watch the rest. Although her presentation isn’t deep, she is very intelligent. Importantly, she comes across as genuine: something many believers don’t see as possible in an atheist. She understands the kind of religion I was raised in. She knows how to run water underneath the walls of that kind of believer’s superficial objections. The videos are especially useful in that they challenge the notion of experience as evidence. I can’t wait for future installments.