Recap Of Darwin Day At Camels With Hammers 2011

In case you missed any of the material I gathered together for today, here’s the full rundown of posts:

How Belief In “Theistic Evolution” Is Nearly As Much A Denial Of Science As Creationism

Qualia Soup Lays Out The Basics Of Evolution

Darwin’s Birthdaily Hilarity: Creationism

Darwin’s Birthdaily Hilarity: People Are Not Animals! (and evolution never happened)

The Story of the Scopes Monkey Trial, Narrated By Edward R. Murrow (And Footage Of Inherit The Wind)

“Evolution Is A Blind Watchmaker”

Richard Dawkins: Waking Up In The Universe—Growing Up In The Universe

Best Use Of Evolution In A Beer Commercial Ever.

Missing Links?

Human Evolution Made Easy

You’re A Good Man, Charlie Darwin

Dennett: Darwin Had The Single Greatest Idea Anyone Ever Had

Islamic Apologist, Shabir Ally, Argues Quran And Evolution Are Consistent

Rebutting “Irreducible Complexity” Claims

Darwin’s Birthdaily Hilarity: How God Came Up With Evolution

Pearl Jam vs. Social Darwinism

“Who Could Heed The Words Of Charlie Darwin?”

Listen Here To An Audio Book Of Darwin’s “Beagle Diary”

Kansas vs. Darwin

Darwin’s Daily Routine

Reasons Not To Celebrate Darwin Day

Everything here is great I think (or I wouldn’t have posted it), but if you can only watch one thing, don’t miss the Kansas vs. Darwin documentary if you have the hour and a half to watch it. It’s really fascinating.

Your Thoughts?

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