The Agnostic’s Options, Illustrated

Don’t understand the cartoon?
Understand it but don’t agree?

Here are a few posts that will clear up what it means and why it is correct (to my mind at least):

Distinguishing The Atheist Agnostic, The Theist Gnostic, The Atheist Gnostic, and The Theist Agnostic

Disambiguating Faith: How A Lack Of Belief In God May Differ From Various Kinds Of Beliefs That Gods Do Not Exist

Beyond Agnosticism: More Details About How I Know Various Kinds Of Gods Do Not Exist, Based On Scientific And Philosophical Reasons

Agnostics Or Apistics?

Disambiguating Faith: The Evidence-Impervious Agnostic Theists

Disambiguating Faith: Not All Beliefs Held Without Certainty Are Faith Beliefs

The “A” Word

Your Thoughts?

  • George W.

    I just finished having this conversation with a good friend. This cartoon is worth a thousand words.

    • Daniel Fincke

      It really is. I expect to frequently have use of it.

  • Iva

    Great cartoon! I sure know which side I’d choose if forced to jump, though. ;) Since in the strictest terms I can “know” very little (am I really typing right now? I think so, but can’t exactly know it), I tell people that I believe what is true “in all probability.” You’re the philosopher, though, so I’m sure you know far more than I do about what I know and don’t, lol. ;)