Guest Blogger James Gray This Weekend And My First Podcast Appearance (Wednesday 3/16)

Hey everyone, I’m still trying to rest up so that I can beat this illness, and so I have asked good friend of Camels With Hammers, our popular frequent commenter James Gray (of the blog Ethical Realism) to fill in for me this weekend.

Also, I am excited to announce that I will be interviewed live next Wednesday night (March 16) at 10pm EST as part of the Ardent Atheist podcast on New Dissident Radio along with the comedians Taylor NegronTaylor Williamson, and Matt Kirshen.  They and I will be interviewed by Emery Emery and Heather Henderson.  This will be my first podcast appearance anywhere and I will predominantly be answering questions about my recent post Top 10 Tips For Reaching Out To Atheists.

You can like the Ardent Atheist at Facebook here to learn more about the show and stream the first four episodes. You can also download them for free on iTunes here. The first episodes already have featured appearances by Eddie Pepitone, Moon Zappa, Jake Johannsen, Andy Dick, Rick Overton, Jim Jefferies, Matt Kirshen, Johnny Dam, James Inman, Glenn Wool, Paul Provenza, Blaine Capatch, and Dana Gould. New Dissident Radio’s Facebook page is here.

It should be a funny and illuminating time, so tell all your friends and be sure to tune in yourself on Wednesday night (or at your soonest convenience thereafter)!

In the meantime, enjoy James’s posts this weekend, catch up on my own writing by reading any of the posts in the left hand column of the page under “Dan’s Views”, and I promise a return to daily substantive blogging soon as my energy is back.

I leave you for the weekend with clips of the comedians who will be on the Ardent Atheist podcast with me:

Taylor Williamson tells comedy jokes from Taylor Williamson on Vimeo.

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