Pakistani Actress Veena Malik Stands Up To Mullah Accusing Her Of Immorality


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  • Benjamin

    oh my god, these women have to be so strong and so smart to stand up to these religious pervs. God bless all these women.

  • Benjamin

    And she basically called him out on what is going on in reality and what he is yackety-yacking on and on about in the name of religion. I think all religions have these so called “preachers, pastors, saints, teachers, etc etc” who are just plain and simple- NOT NICE PEOPLE, infact they are some of the most deranged sick people walking on the face of the earth, they are so separated from their own hearts and in the name of religion do so much harm, mentally, emotionally and physically, to other human beinggs. These kinds of religious criminals should not be allowed in civilized society. They should be kept somewhere far away from civilization. Why don’t they all get together and go live in some mountains and form their own religous clans? Then maybe they will have only themselves to hurt and destroy.

  • Joe Fasulo

    She is playing a very dangerous game of trying to reason with the insane. It has been tried many times in the past with little to no success. She would be far better off if she were to get her family out of that insane country and at the very least go somewhere like here where she has a chance of living out her life with success into old age.

  • Bebe

    It gives me heart to see her through logic onto his face. He basically repeats the same baseless accusations without any real groundwork. She’s 100 times smarter and humane than he can possibly ever imagine to be. The injustice done to women for even breathing the same air in these places is just sickening. I’m happy to see one women who won’t stand for all the bs. Hopefully it’ll start a revolution :)