Poe or No Poe: “Prayers For Atheists Answered”

Okay, it’s another installment of our series wherein we try to determine whether religious craziness is either genuine or a spoof which is so hard to distinguish from the real thing because the real thing is so insane to begin with already.

So, is this real morally bankrupt, self-absorbed superstitiousness or just satire of it?

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Poe or No Poe?  Your Thoughts?

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  • http://obnoxiousbitch.com Rox1SMF

    I thought not, but rumor has it 4chan exposed her as a troll/Poe… still trying to figure it out!

  • Daniel Fincke

    I’m pretty sure this one is a Poe myself. Where’d you hear the 4chan rumor?

  • http://egoistphilosophyblog.com Keenan Steel

    Holy shit, judging by her channel I think she’s serious. “I thank you for your amazing love..”? For killing thousands of people? Fuck.

  • Chris

    It is mean and rude and shouldn’t be said by anyone regardless. I purposefully didn’t click on her video all day as it popped up, but now two atheist blogs in a row.. so I watched it- and others on her channel. I can’t tell if she is real.. I think she is a Poe.. but to say those things period is unacceptable to me. Even to make a point. Too many will hear and feel that they are vindicated in their beliefs..

  • http://friendlyatheist.com Richard Wade

    For the first minute or so, I thought this was genuine, but something started to smell fishy. I think it’s a Poe. Too many cliches. She’s saying what she thinks a fundie would say, and it sounds like it.

    Regardless whether it is real or not, her behavior is appalling and reprehensible, and she deserves serious reprimand and derision. She’s being cruel to the Japanese people, to atheists and to Christians, all for a sadistic laugh.

    You’re not funny, asshole.

  • http://mygodlesslife.blogspot.com/ mygodlesslife
  • Daniel Fincke

    As I said above, I was pretty sure this time out she was a Poe. But she fooled me before in the video (which is no longer available on her site) that is satirized in this video http://freethoughtblogs.com/camelswithhammers/2011/01/30/i-have-to-completely-rethink-my-atheism/

  • http://www.reiterforum-thueringen.de/index.php/Benutzer:CSchmerztherapiet Marceline Williams

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