“Why Women Should Not Be Allowed To Vote”

As Ellis on Facebook put it, the Bible was “written by and for men like this guy”:

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It’s not a divinely inspired book any more than this jackass is a prophet.

Your Thoughts?

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  • http://touchetchurch.org Rocco E Shanks Jr

    Thanks for posting this.

    I actually feel panicky when listening to this diatribe.

    Contrarily, there are some strikingly impressive female leaders in the NT.

    My apologies if I am in violation for quoting text.

    Phebe is a valuable business woman, in need of an assistant due to her success. Romans 16:2 “assist her in whatsoever business she hath need of you”

    I have also studied the first woman’s rights movement (In the bible Numbers 27), to find that GOD agreed with their cause, and they successfully changed legislation for the entire nation so that women could now hold property as rightful heirs.
    Numbers 27:7 “The daughters of Zelophehad speak right:”

    Please, “pastor” put away your 1 Corinthians ‘Gag Order’.

    Rocco E Shanks Jr

  • Teege

    Is this guy for real? Incredibly hateful. I’d cry too if I were his wife…

  • Amber

    What a dick. And if there is a god and he actually also feels this way, he’s a dick too. Yep, I said it!

  • Fran Parker

    His wife cries because she’s seeing the futility of her life in being married to this patronising, closed-minded bigot.

  • Booleana

    Misogyny… that is the word, probably something created as diversion for homosexualism. This guy has a serious problem with women, his mother must to has something to talk about it, a psquiatrist does…

  • http://nojesusnopeas.blogspot.com James Sweet

    Minister Shanks is indubitably a good guy, but his comment just goes to show what a Rohrshach the Bible is, because of the epistemological defects of religion. Shanks is a good guy, so he finds the few passages in the Bible which might be interpreted as pro-woman. James the Preacher is a nasty misogynist, so he finds the many passages in the Bible which are anti-woman and amplifies them to support his hateful worldview.

    Since we’re all relying on our own judgment in the end anyway, why don’t we cut out the middle man and just, you know, stand up for what is right regardless of what some dusty old book of fables says? Just a thought…

  • Curtis

    what a fuck head!

  • http://www.referencepointtherapy.com/blog SimonR

    I’d say he’s had a very tough marriage to a woman who, to quote him about women generally, was “rebellious, outspoken, dared to think she is equal with a man.” He’s just shaking in his pants because a woman dared stand up to him.

    I thought the other really telling part was him saying that women should not be able to vote on who is the pastor in a Church. Who thinks he was voted out of his own church by women for being a misogynist and now he’s having a rant?

    classic video. I don’t know how representative it is or how helpful it is of our cause, but entertaining all the same.


  • Robert

    No problem here for what this one man said. No problem here that he backed it up with direct quotes from his religion (you will find the same in most other religions). No problem with his viewpoint that decisions of any importance or consequence be kept away from people (especially women) who display emotional instability.

    There is a cognitive distortion happening that his opinion is equated with “hatred towards all women” (misogyny). That is a feminist projection, trying to bully away his rights for his own views. Weak.

    You should consider the fact that “voting” for anyone elects your representative who then ignores any promises made anyway. As far as women’s desires for “respect”, you cannot legislate a “feeling of great admiration towards some one based on their abilities, characteristics, & accomplishments”. You cannot legislate “feelings”.

    So on that point of clarity, women shouldn’t be polluting the fields of spirituality, economics, & law with with what are clearly their own self-esteem & mental health issues. Because they are forever polluting these areas is reason enough to suspend the privilege (exactly what you would do if they were insane).