The Church of Google: Google is God

by Eric Steinhart

Many thanks to Zike for pointing me to The Church of Google.

The Church of Google website gives nine lovely arguments for the divinity of Google.

The Church of Google website also gives excellent replies to objections against the divinity of Google.


Guest Contributor Eric Steinhart is a professor of philosophy at William Paterson University. Many of his papers can be found here .

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  • Daniel Fincke

    The arguments are surprisingly intriguing, but there is an unresolved issue they do not address. Which Google is God? The search engine or the company? Are they both gods? Is this a polytheistic religion? Or is this one of those gods with multiple manifestations (like, say, in Hinduism) or is there one “substance” of Google with multiple “persons” like in Christianity?

    Until there is some clarity on such complicated theological questions as these, I’m not sure I can join.

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