Debate On The Existence Of An Afterlife

The other day, I posted a fantastic, must-see (and must-spread) rebuke from Christopher Hitchens to those who harass and bully dying atheists in hospitals in hopes of converting them. I have had a couple requests for the full video from which the clip comes, so by popular demand, I offer it here (sight unseen) for those interested:

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The topic is “Is There An Afterlife?” and the video features Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, David Wolpe, and Bradley Artson.

Your Thoughts?

  • Stevarious

    Sweet! Thanks!

  • Sabio Lantz

    This was fantastic. Thanx for posting it.

  • manicstreetpreacher

    Two overriding memories from this debate:

    1. Harris’ opener about how the afterlife is a concept aimed at trying to convince ourselves that 9 million children dying each year before they reach 5 years old has some kind of ultimate purpose; and

    2. Hitch’s steamrollering of the rationale behind evangelicals attempting to convert people on their deathbeds.