The Best Christian Ever

This video, from ABC’s show What Would You Do?, features an incredible gesture of altruistic human love which made me quite teary to watch. And it’s by someone inspired by Jesus. If only this was the sum of what following Jesus meant to people:

Your Thoughts?

  • clergyguy

    Bravo! I loved this. I appreciate that people would stand up for the gay individuals I know and love.

  • philwynk

    Uh huh. That waitress challenged that couple flat-out, right there in the middle of the restaurant, with a professional video camera on a cameraman’s shoulder. The cameraman strolls around catching all the reactions from the surrounding table, but the waitress doesn’t even look at the camera.

    Sure thing.

    Folks, this was a scripted, set-up event, and it stinks. Anybody who believes this is real should let somebody else make all their financial decisions.

  • Maryann Spikes

    philwynk, the camera was hidden and only the gay women and the waitress were semi-scripted (this was made clear). It was an experiment to see how people would react…if they would just let it slide (or, in the case of that one man, give a thumbs up and a high-five). I think it was awesome that people stood up for this couple whether or not they agreed with their ‘life-choices’. That is what Jesus would do.

  • Justin

    Not to point out the obvious, but homosexuality is a sin, and Jesus would not condone it. The waitress was completely out of line, of course. And there’s no call for being tactless and hateful. But that doesn’t mean we as Christians should advocate sinful behavior.

    Tolerance means being egalitarian towards people, not ideas. Those people that spoke up were being judgmental of that woman, weren’t they?

    Saying “don’t judge” is self-refuting. You’re telling someone that they ought to live in a certain fashion. Judgment is not the problem, but PROPER judgment.

    Homosexuality is a sin, plain and simple. We are to love and pray for homosexuals just like anyone else. But don’t be so foolish as to accept their behavior as “alternate lifestyle”.

  • james boggs

    There’s no such thing as sin
    You live in a fantasy world.

  • Vanessa

    This was incredibly touching. I cried along with the gay actress, and it was nice to see people’s outrage.

  • Norman

    What an awesome experiment in human behavior! – The woman actor who was lesbian – just became a real person when her heart strings were touched. Two Heros had come to their rescue from the very convincing “hateful waitress” – it sure got my tear ducts cleared out. Real Love in Action!!