Qualia Soup on Morality

One of the very best atheist YouTube video makers now weighs in on morality:

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  • http://serptopia.blogspot.com serp

    It’s very pragmatic, and the bit about practical advantages to a punishment gradient is kind of interesting, I hadn’t thought of that angle before. Still, my perception of the “there is no good without God” faction is /not/ that they have no idea how to tell a murderer form a schoolchild without the Bible. It’s that they don’t think there’s any legitimate authority from which “true” morality would stem without God. The question of moral authority is an abstract philosophical one, and no simple description of a moral framework, regardless of how sensible and thorough, is going to answer it. I think this video misses the mark it intends entirely.

  • Ash Bowie

    An exceptional video that hits a bullseye. It offers a fantastic setup for naturalistic morality, obliterating in a few short minutes the argument that morality stems from a belief in God. Obviously it’s just the first in a series (hopefully) so it doesn’t make sense to criticize it for being incomplete.