@Humblebrag is a fantastic Twitter account which retweets posts, mainly from celebrities and quasi-celebrities, in which they brag but try to wrap their boasting up all humbly in self-deprecation or in the form of a complaint about how tough they have it or in some other of various possible pretenses towards modesty.

(It’s also worth noting that I learned about @Humblebrag from listening to Tegan and Sara’s highly recommendable acoustic set at the Newport Folk Festival, where the always hilarious sisters called attention to the concept of the humblebrag and proceeded to catch themselves doing it over and over again.  You can stream or download that great show here.)

But back to the topic of humblebrags, here is just a sample of what they sound like:

@RiversCuomo: “All the muscle I’ve put on working out over the last year will just be more food for the bear to eat when I’m camping tonight.”

@BretEastonEllis: “No one seemed to read my “Jersey Shore” article in January’s Playboy except for my trainer but only because he was banging the centerfold…”

@thejgold: “Rollin’ in a limo down Waikiki. Yet I am feeling less gangsta than vaguely embarrassed.”

@piersmorgan: “Sorry if I’m a bit disorientated… 5hrs ago I was on bended knee serenading Barbra Streisand with The Way We Were over dinner in Malibu.”

@catdeeley: “So I have to go to both Emmy awards!!…. Two dresses!!!?!?”

@reanintigerlily: “So weird when your in another country and you see a TV commercial of yourself that you haven’t seen before?? Haha Jack Links Beef Jerky!”

@EmmMacfarlane: “Yes, I am writing an academic paper while listening to Metallica. No, I don’t understand how I get published either.”

@tuesdaymckay: “I see more girls around town that I’ve been paid to kiss than girls I wanted to kiss”

@hblodget: “A surprising number of you have expressed interest in the crappy book I wrote 21 years ago in San Francisco while eating burritos.”

@YuliZ: “interviews are great… but speaking about yourself for 2 hours is exhausting!!”

To my own embarrassment, just hours before discovering the existence of humblebrags and the twitter feed devoted to highlighting them, I had sort of been guilty of one myself.  I posted the following on Facebook:

Someone just quoted a CWH article at the bottom of this Wikipedia article—I wonder if this will stay or get edited out.

And now I’m not sure if this post about my humblebrag itself constitutes a humblebrag.

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