Clerk In New York Refuses To Sign Marriage Licences For Gay Married Couples

Ledyard town clerk Rose Marie Belforti tacitly admits to imposing theocratic law on her constituents in blatant disregard for the actual laws she is tasked with enforcing:

That all changed in August when Belforti sent a letter to the Ledyard town board two weeks after the Marriage Equality Act became law in New York, allowing same-sex couples to marry. The letter cited Belforti’s religious beliefs as a reason she could not sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples. Belforti also asked for permission to designate a deputy clerk, who would be responsible for issuing all marriage licenses.

In an interview with The Citizen at her home Wednesday, Belforti said she answers to a “higher court” — God — and teachings in the Bible tell her that same-sex marriage is wrong.

“I am a Christian. I believe marriage was created by God as a blessing to be shared between a man and a woman spiritually, emotionally and physically,” Belforti said. “Man cannot legislate a divinely ordained institution by a majority vote of those who do not recognize the sanctity of marriage, as God intended it to be. My conscience, which is also God-given, does not allow me to endorse same-sex marriage.”

This is why every single candidate for public office who starts talking about his or her views on God as a qualification for their governance needs to have his or her views on the separation of church and state rigorously examined.

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