Hipster Blag Hag

So, you know that awesome rush you have when you discover a great new band or TV show or film that no one (or at least no one you know) seems to realize exists or is so awesome? And you’re sure that it deserves a wider audience and then one day it becomes mega-popular and you feel totally vindicated in your judgment that there really was awesomeness there? And then you’re inclined to mention to everyone that you knew about this awesomeness before everyone else did—as though that somehow gives you special claim to credit for the awesomeness itself? It’s a mindset we have all had at one point or another but in the case of hipsters it is a deeply defining part of their entire ethos. Being in on secret awesomeness and then resenting its later popularity is pretty much the essence of hipsterism.

Well you can be a hipster about blogs too. And since I didn’t discover Jen McCreight’s fantastic blog Blag Hag through boobquake or through her high profile trip with PZ Myers to the creation museum but through a modest blog carnival in which we both participated in 2009, and since I linked to her regularly before she became internationally famous,  I have total hipster feelings of pride about her awesome blog—but without the resentment that it has become so popular; that part actually makes me very happy. And so I am totally tickled she is now my neighbor on Freethought Blogs. Go read her!

Your Hipster (or anti-Hipster) Thoughts?

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