Like Revolution Itself In Musical Form

Still the freshest music out there, now exactly 20 years after being first released—every time I hear the opening chords and first drum hits of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, it sounds to me like revolution in musical form:



Your Thoughts?

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  • Francisco Bacopa

    Truly a revolutionary song.

    I worked in Dave Grohl’s favorite record store in his Virginia hometown as this song was climbing the charts. He came in at that time and commented on how he only had two pairs of shoes, but that his share of the songwriting credit would pay for his shoes forever. How wrong he was. Lots more than shoes.

  • AlanMacandCheese

    I never developed a taste for the “Brown Sound”. Every garage/basement band in the Eighties wrote songs like that. The cheesy cord structure makes me cringe. The fact that the drummer carries the melody doesn’t help. ;)

  • Stevarious

    Not a big fan either. I heard it then and I was like, “You can’t even understand the lyrics.” I hear it now and I’m just, “Meh.”

    To each their own, I suppose. This is my favorite song right now.