Nietzsche Is My Co-Pilot

Being a Nietzsche guy, I get links to a lot of gimmicky Nietzsche paraphernalia, toys, trinkets, and parodies sent my way.  But few instantly excite me as much as this just did:

Nietzsche is my Copilot

Buy it or other stylish ironic clothes at Amorphia Apparel.

Thanks a bunch to Matt.

Your Thoughts?

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  • Daniel Schealler

    Subtitle (smaller text):

    (he traded up from Schopenhauer)

  • Slaughter Cutlet

    Hmm, it’s appealing. But what does it all mean, anyway?

  • Aaron

    He does look a lot more appropriate for a co-pilot than that guy Jesus.

  • Aaron

    Nothing to do with the post, but, um…. the ad to the right for some role playing game says “Play now, my lord.” So hilariously ironic.

  • Mike K.

    I like the one that says “I find Dark Energy repulsive.”

  • besomyka

    Only that Amphoria Apparel is awesome. I have serveral of their shirts. The drumming T-Rex is a favorite, but also some of the Tea Party shirts:

    “Obama doesn’t realise that fire fepartments are socialism. That’s why I’m voting Tea Party!”

    “Obama is right handed just like Hitler. That’s why I’m voting Tea Party!”

    Or the guy holding his shadow at gun point.

    Too many good ones.