Scapegoating Through Song, Swedish Style

If you know how to sing in Swedish, sing along, otherwise be sure the subtitles are on (the cc button on the YouTube player):

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  • Jason Thibeault

    Very catchy! And thankfully, nobody around here seems to know Swedish, so if I was to start singing it, there’d be no punching. Or anyone to correct my pronunciation, for that matter.

    • Camels With Hammers

      I imagine they might find other reasons to punch you for breaking out into Swedish song

  • Alex Ploner

    Awww… God bless Sweden!

    Not the reason I moved here, but a damn good a reason to stay anyway…

  • Trebuchet


    Slightly off-topic, but FTB is cutting off the right-hand side of embedded videos. I can’t even get to the full-screen button because it’s under an empty panel.

    • Camels With Hammers

      I know. I’m trying to sufficiently shrink each video individually when posting. You can click through by double clicking on the middle of the video which will bring it to a ful screen.

      There may be more flexible borders in the future, it’s under consideration.

  • Jason Thibeault

    Quickest way to do it is to use the Smart Youtube embedding method, it looks like. Meaning, paste the bare link and change the start to httpv://

    Which means now I have three things to go through my blog archive for: 1) media that didn’t link in the migration, 2) videos embedded using the embed object HTML code that got stripped, and 3) Youtube videos embedded via the bare link.