Scientists Examine Evidence For Scientology

The results are shocking:

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Your Thoughts?

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  • Chris

    Absolutely hilarious. As for meaningful thought, however, I’m going to quote one of the youtube comments.

    “This is fantastic. Scientology’s movement into the mainstream creates the perfect backdrop from which to review traditional religions. The logic is fantastic. Scientology makes the same type of wild unfounded claims as traditional religion, Scientology is bat shit ergo traditional religion is …  wait why does logic always seem to fail for folks here :)
    linuxcampy 1 week ago “

  • MikeMa

    Love it.
    E-meters and aliens. Scientology is ridiculous.
    Noah’s ark, floods, virgin birthing. Christianity is ridiculous.
    72 virgins, headscarves, cartoon hatred. Islam is ridiculous.
    Emerge from within the cloud of insanity that is religion. Your life will still be worth living.

  • http:// Curt Mestemacher