Star Wars French Ballet Disco

I can’t add anything that the title doesn’t already express. This just needs to be seen to be comprehended.


Your Thoughts?

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  • lordshipmayhem

    Dammit, I needed that brain cell, and this video just wasted it…

  • unbound

    Seen…but definitely not comprehended. WTF was that?

  • Tisha Irwin

    I really don’t remember dropping that acid, but I must have.

  • Stevarious

    Aw man, this is gonna give all the 3PO/Vader shippers way too much fuel.

    All two of em. The freaks.

  • hanchman

    My life is now complete. I can die in peace.

  • david

    those are NOT the droids I was looking for.

  • GG

    Aw man, classic 80s!

    FYI the guy presenting at the beginning of the show is one of French TV’s most popular and long-careered presenters, Michel Drucker. I grew up watching his entertainment show on Sundays with my gramps. He’s still on and still popular, though not quite so baby-faced.

  • Ulgaa

    I think it just bamaged my drain.