Talking To Your Kids About Star Wars, A Public Service Announcement

It is important to address some things with your children before other people do:


How have you dealt with introducing Star Wars to your children? Your Thoughts on the right and wrong ways to go about it?

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  • chris

    It is important to make sure they understand that Han shot first, and that Jar Jar is an abomination. You can’t even get me in the same room as a small child, so any suggestions I might have on how to go about it would most certainly be the wrong way.

  • isherwood

    You mean the fact that Luke kisses his sister? Hey, it was a different time.

  • Ramel

    There are only three films.
    Only two of them are good.
    Han shot first.
    That is all that needs to be said.

  • ogremk5

    My son is about to turn 5. He’s been watching Star Wars (A New Hope) for almost two years now. He’s seen Empire and Return, but they are ‘scary’ for him sometimes. So he sticks with the first one.

    I have the extended edition DVDs.

    Just sit the kid down in front of the TV and let him watch the first one. Then give him an X-wing (I got one on E-bay) and an R2-D2 figure and most kids will be hooked forever.

    We have MANY Star Wars LEGO kits and the smaller ones he puts together by himself. Poor ole dad just HAS to help with the bigger kits… BTW: has anyone seen the Super Star Destroyer LEGO kit that’s almost 4 feet long? Want…

  • helenaconstantine

    Uhhh…Just ignore it, like any other kind of artless mass-marketed crap?

  • Francisco Bacopa

    I guess I’m kinda like the KJV only folks. Original trilogy, original 70′s-80′s edits only.

  • rjlangley

    I don’t mind a lot of the changes myself (but draw the line at Han shooting first, and my personal bugbear: Boba Fett’s re-dubbed voice) but I do think it’s important that first-time watchers see the films in order of release rather than starting at I and ending at VI (which it seems is the preferred order of George Lucas, who I am convinced knows less about what is good about his own films than anyone else who’s seen them).

    Yoda’s identity, Vader’s identity, Leia’s identity – all those reveals lose all their power if the films are watched from I to VI. The prequels lose nothing from being seen after the originals.