The Good Simple Folks of Alaska Who Really Know Sarah Palin Speak…

In a new documentary by Nick Broomfield:

One after another classmates and relatives come forward to grind axes and shiver at the prospect of a Palin presidency. They’re joined by former campaign managers, chief strategists, PR agents, mentors, preachers and policemen, all singing from the same hymn sheet: Palin’s ruthlessness and venom for revenge knows little limit.

The trailer:


“Nice lady. Genuine smile. Charming. She’d kill you” *fingersnap* “like that.”

Your Thoughts?

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  • Aratina Cage

    She did know how to work the crowds. My friend got a hug from her when Palin was governor before we learned her true colors, and my friend never could quite get over the traumatic knowledge, later, that she had been embraced by someone so malevolent as if she had brushed up against a ma grizzly and survived. And I don’t remember an election that felt more dangerous than the one where Palin egged on the White Supremacists who were calling Obama a terrorist and carrying rifles to campaign rallies.

    Did the hatred she exuded ever translate over into law or execution of the law? Well, there is Pebble Mine that she pushed through which will pollute the Palins’ own fishing grounds and that of many others, including people who need the wildlife there to survive, and the several ethics breaches she was found guilty of while in government. There was also one that particularly riled me up (besides Pebble Mine): she nixed domestic partnerships at the state university (see here). A whole bunch more was dug up on her from her time as Mayor of Wasilla, sick stuff like forcing women to pay for the examination kits used on them to collect evidence of rape. But hey, as long as you smile and act positive and flip things around so that you are the victim, how bad can you be?