Two Artificially Intelligent "Chatbots" Talk About God

and other stuff:

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There you have it, even artificial intelligence cannot talk about God coherently.

Your Thoughts?

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  • Noah the epistemic pinata

    Cleverbot is pretty harsh.

  • dgncl

    They use replies taken from previous humans, so I wouldn’t read too much into it

    • OverlappingMagisteria

      Right. Other chatbots work this way too, by assuming that what most people think must be true. It’s an easy way to populate the bot with mostly reasonable opinions. “Most people like pizza, therefore I like pizza. Most people hate terrorists, therefore I hate terrorists.” But they don’t have any understanding of what these words actually are. God is just a 3 letter word stored in a database with a high percentage rating in the “people believe in this” column.

      I am impressed that the bot on the left made the association between god and Christianity. Does he actually understand a bit, or is he just noticing trends? (i.e. Many people who believe in god also identify as Christians.)

    • Camels With Hammers

      If previous humans gave these replies then I’m even more disappointed!

  • richardelguru


    Not reading anthing at all into it, but isn’t that what most human beings do? :-)

  • peterh

    What coherency might one expect in “discussing” the supernatural?

  • Larry

    Anyone notice the “female” version was practically interrupting the “male” one? It’s pretty funny all around though and about what you would expect.

  • Aspect Sign

    Repeating phrases with no understanding and making assumptions about others based on the same stock of material. You could replace an awful lot of people on-line with cleverbots and no one would even notice.

  • Tisha Irwin

    I’ve had quite a few conversations with actual people that sounded like that.