Cows With Guns

I am always amused at the various spoofs on the name Camels With Hammers which people make when they hear the name. I found it especially charming that today it reminded someone of this video (which I had never seen before):

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Your Spoofs?

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  • Kiwi Sauce

    I love this song, but it makes the same mistake as a number of others. Hint: cows are female.

    • Camels With Hammers

      But not if they’re leading a revolution. Only males can do that, silly.

    • Kiwi Sauce

      I’ll slink back to the kitchen now…

    • Camels With Hammers

      ‘atta girl.

    • Camels With Hammers

      (okay, I feel slimy even joking like that)

  • sumdum

    It was the most glaring during the line “cow well hung”. She was squirting them in the face with milk from her udders, how much more obvious do you want it? But other than that it’s a funny song.

  • Kiwi Sauce

    It’s fine because:
    - you know I’m joking and I know you’re joking
    - you’re clearly feminist
    - I have a number of reverse gender stereotypes at my end (I’m good at maths, have a graduate statistics qualification, earn about twice as much as my male partner, and he’s younger than me)
    - we both have strict xtian backgrounds that we have rejected, where the comments we put would be taken as accurate assessments of the way things “should be”.

    So I find the situation funny and I’m not offended at all – it’s a humorous situation between equals. And comedy is all about situation/context. :) And sometimes, we all just need to lighten up a bit. :) :)

    • Camels With Hammers


      Now, I’m jealous. I wish I knew statistics. :(

  • Zeno

    Damn. A scary video for this old farm boy. There would have been a revolution at the dairy! (But it was clearly uttered that the clearly-uddered bovine is a “he”. Nope. Female. Sorry! That made me cringe.)

  • Ramel

    I now fear chickens in choppers, and am now officially scared of everything :(

  • Lord Shplanington, Not A Frenchman

    Jegus. I remember watching this years ago.

    I wasn’t aware that there were people on the internet who hadn’t seen this video.