Don't Say A Word About Occupy Wall Street

Until you have read Stephanie’s post on the topic, by far the best and clearest explanation of what is going on, what the protesters have explicitly expressed are their demands, and the shamefulness of the media’s coverage, which I have come across.

Your Thoughts?

  • Ana

    Brilliant. I’ve been trying to follow the occupation and it’s really hard, it’s nowhere on the news, and most of the reporting I see just pisses me off. I’m from Portugal, and this year we did something similar, a huge protest with very clear ideas but mostly leaderless (not sure if you heard about it, some news channels picked it up). It’s terrible to see reporters waving something like that off because ‘they’re just young’ or ‘they can’t be poor, they have iphones’ or ‘they don’t know what to ask for’. Yes, we do. We also created a document with simple, clear ideas we wanted the government to take notice of. We were ignored, still are, and it still stings. So, my heart is with the protesters, because sitting at home and waiting for better days takes us nowhere. This is our world and we are ready to take responsability for it.

  • lordshipmayhem

    I fear that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement has set itself up for failure. They have some goals which, although the Right will fight them, are achievable – or at least, everyone (pro, con and neutral) can measure whether the goals are achieved or not.

    There are some which should probably not succeed – removing corporations’ personhood is an aim that if it is achieved will not have the impact that the Occupiers want.

    There are goals which need to be clarified, though, because the metric for measuring whether you’ve succeeded is quite frankly, subjective. Did we succeed in “minimizing” lobbyists’ impact on the legislative process? Dunno, because we can’t measure how effective our lobbying efforts were.

  • d cwilson

    If only the Occupy Wall Street crowd would dress up in colonial era costumes with teabags hanging from their tricorner hats, then they wouldn’t look so ridiculous to our “liberal media”.