Everything Is A Remix: The Matrix

A nice job of illustrating one film’s myriad visual and narrative allusions to prior films and other visual media:

If only there were some way to bring so vividly to life a literary or philosophical work’s connections to all that has gone before it.


Your Thoughts?

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  • John Morales

    Ecclesiastes 1:2-11

  • Brian Westley

    It was the best of times . . . it was the BLURST of times!?

  • http://aratina.blogspot.com Aratina Cage

    A couple of Drew Barrymore associations: The stopping of the bullet also goes back to Firestarter (1984) where Charlie (played by Barrymore) develops the capability in her final rage, and using wired phones as a means of transportation to the homebase seems like a natural progression from the cry of “phone home” in E.T. (1982).

    And of course, so much of The Matrix is taken right from Ghost in the Shell (1995). A major difference is that the world and plot is inverted (as is the motion of the green characters in the title sequence). In Ghost in the Shell, humans are harnessing electronics and becoming cyborgs to enhance their own capabilities when one electronic “slave” mind becomes sentient and attempts to break into the organic world.