Freethought Blogs Is So Awesome We Broke The Internet Yesterday

Or that’s the way I like to see our servers crashing constantly yesterday because of our insane amounts of traffic. I apologize for the inconvenience to Camels With Hammers readers and appreciate any persistent refreshing efforts you may have made to read the site. We may be down again, on purpose, for reasons of upgrading our capacities to take traffic in the future. So, bear with us if there is any down time. It is not a sign that the site is falling apart and is unreliable, but only that it is so popular we need to take our ability to handle traffic to the next level. And we will, accordingly.

While I am talking about the site for a moment, let me take the opportunity again to mention our Donors Choose fundraising campaign. On the right hand side of the page, you should see the link to contribute to kids in under-served schools getting the supplies they need to get a quality education that apparently state governments are either too poor or too short-sighted to provide them. Please donate, our coordinated campaign to raise funds lasts only a few weeks and we’d like to show what kind of generosity the atheist community is capable of, in a tangible, clear way.

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