What Would Stephen Colbert Do?


If you’re anything like me, you routinely find yourself in difficult situations in life which require superhuman levels of ironic coolness, intellectual brilliance, quickness of wits, and deep personal goodness and you have to ask yourself, “What Would Stephen Colbert Do?” to figure out the best course of action. Well, thankfully The Colbert Report gives us a lot of guidance in this area. When we turn to the clip above, for example, we learn that when it comes to giving to an awesome charity that makes a difference in effectively educating the neediest kids in America, Stephen Colbert turns to Donor’s Choose. And now so does the entire Freethought Blogs community, including Camels With Hammers.

You should see the widget for donating on the right hand side of the page. (No, not that right, your right. There it is; see?) Click on that link and you will be led to specific projects from specific teachers in need of donations. In honor of my webmaster Dave’s recent engagement to be married to a brilliant and passionate history teacher, I have opted to make our default “History and Civics”. But feel free to look around once on the site and find whatever project it most excites you to support. This is your chance to not only make a difference, but to make it in the most specific and tangible way you can in accordance with your own priorities and values.

I admit I’m a bit apprehensive. This isn’t just charity, but a contest. We are going to be in competition here against other science blogging networks and, I’ll admit, I hope Camels With Hammers can not only help our team compete respectably  to win to crush the competition, but that you, my loyal and inspiring readers, will help me keep up with my estimable peers on the Freethought Blogs network so that they can see I am pulling my weight around here. Our donation totals are going to be prominently displayed in a running tally on the donation widget so there will be no hiding for me if I don’t keep up! So, for those of you who are not motivated to give merely by the prospect of making sure that under-served children don’t fall behind educationally due to inadequate resources, please at least think of me and my ego and my ability to face my colleagues whenever we finally all meet face to face! Won’t somebody please think of the blogger!

Your Donations?!

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