Does This Count As A "Caturday" Post?

I’m not at all a cat person but I just think these classic album covers recreated with cats are funny. But by posting this on a Saturday does that make this my capitulation to the Caturday craze or do I have to intend to make a Caturday post for it to be one?



Your Thoughts?

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  • mrianabrinson

    He’s a adorable. Too bad he’s surrounded by strange “headlines”.

  • Stacy

    We mortals are mere hosts whereby memes propagate themselves. Intent is superfluous.

    P.S. Caturday began in 2005. How long before a craze becomes a tradition?

    • Camels With Hammers

      REALLY? I only heard of Caturday for the first time a month ago. I think I’d heard the word float around but it just registered as “something I don’t know” until there were lots of pro- and anti-Caturday posts on FTB in October.

    • Stacy

      Yes, it started on 4chan, of all places (even /b/tards dig cats!)

  • Physicalist

    This is a Caturday post. In order for this not to be a Caturday post, you would have either (a) to be unaware of the tradition, or (b) to explicitly stipulate that the post is not a Caturday post.

    It is true that most Caturday posts declare themselves to be such (and yours doesn’t), but I think you come close enough by raising the question — so without a clear disclaimer to separate yourself from the tradition, I think you’re properly counted as being part of it.

    • Camels With Hammers