Feminists Make Their Demands

Okay, start wincing, grimacing, and furrowing your brows my poor fellow beleaguered victimized brothers worldwide—a whole bunch of women, inspired by an unsavory rabble-rouser named Gia Milinovich who unreasonably wants “no more rape threats online”, have taken to Twitter to start demanding all sorts of insane things from us:

leenie909 Eileen Sarett-Cuasay: #feministwishlist For people to realize that women are not a “special interest group.” We’re half the planet.

c_quigley Christine Quigley: #feministwishlist To give men equal parental leave opportunities so new families can choose what works for them.

sweetmachineSP Sweet Machine: For clothing and bras of all sizes to be sold in the same stores and cost the same at each size. #FeministWishList

louisebrealey Louise Brealey: For men who’re not feminists to explain to the women in their lives why they don’t believe in equality for women. #feministwishlist

queerpup Robin: #feministwishlist To never hear the word feminist used as though it were a slur, and treated as though it were a shameful thing to be.

PinkStinksUK Pinkstinks: For women and girls to be judged on what they say and do and not on what they look like – that’ll be the day #FeministWishList

MissEllieMae Ellie Mae O’Hagan: Not to hear the response ‘don’t worry, you’ll change your mind’ when I say I don’t want children. #feministwishlist & To no longer be told I need to ‘get a sense of humour’ when I object to something sexist. #feministwishlist

AmandaMarcotte Amanda Marcotte: That being childless or single isn’t considered a tragedy for women. #feministwishlist

sillypunk sillypunk: For their just to be a toys section instead of a girls and boys toy section #FeministWishList

eeleach Elizabeth Eva Leach: For people not to tell me that something *can’t* be sexist because lots of women they know do, say, or don’t mind it. #feministwishlist

boudledidge Hannah M: To see people stop using the term “real women”#feministwishlist

DawnHFoster Eoin McLove: To be able to eat a meal without people suggesting I should express guilt and anguish about everything I consume. #feministwishlist

giagia Gia Milinovich: If I open a door for you, please walk through it. Even if you’re a man. I’m just being nice to a fellow human being. #FeministWishList

viragotweets Virago Tweets: No FGM #FeministWishList

sallycow Sally Ford: @giagia permanent deletion of the term “frape” for the comedic hijacking of a friend’s facebook profile. #FeministWishList

viragotweets Virago Tweets: For women and men to pursue one another equally, rather than one being forced into passivity by socialised ‘rules’ #FeministWishList

giagia Gia Milinovich: If I choose stay home & raise my kids instead of work, it’s my choice & I’m VERY lucky I’m able to do it. Don’t judge me. #FeministWishList
viragotweets Virago Tweets: Being judged on my abilities, not my gender or my age#FeministWishList

beckypants Becky Pants: *gets wishing* RT @giagia Along with ‘no more rape threats online’ the following are a few little things from my #FeministWishList Add yours

emawithonem Ema Holt: not being told how to be, or be patronised by men#feministwishlist

ChewwyLee Chloe Kinrade-Thomas: #feministwishlist to see my Dad and have him ask how my PhD is going, not ask how much I weigh right now

evaDrD Dr Dave: #feministwishlist a gender neutral term for men who agree with feminism’s desire for equality. FeMANist?

MilkChocGrrrl Gaju Muhigi: I want to live in a world where people focus on women’s accomplishments rather than their looks. #feministwishlist

HolzmanTweed Dan Holzman-Tweed: Men thinking in terms of having women’s backs rather than protecting them. #feministwishlist

eveibelieve Jenny Howe: To simply be respected for my intellect and abilities rather than my dress sense #feministwishlist

The horror. The horror.

Your Feminist Wish List? Your Thoughts?

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  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    Daniel, this just goes to show how ignored your blog is. You posted a series of reasonable feminist demands and none of the menz have shown up to denounce you or the women for being shrill and militant.

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/camelswithhammers Camels With Hammers

      Yeah, I have always been lucky. Raving trolls have always stayed pretty far away from my blog. Too many big words and complicated constructions in my sentences, I think. I have only ever had to delete three commenters’ comments. Three isolated incidences of racism.

      But I am relatively new at piping up about feminism. Maybe leaving something out will draw trolls in time.

      I sure hope not…

    • ‘Tis Himself, OM

      Too many big words and complicated constructions in my sentences, I think.

      Big words like “marmalade” and “tricycle” and effective use of adverbs can have a stifling effect on those not used to anything more subtle than “gimme ‘nother beer.”

  • Yellow Thursday

    To be paid the same as a man doing the same work.

  • Rey Fox

    To be able to eat a meal without people suggesting I should express guilt and anguish about everything I consume.

    Could someone explain what this has to do with feminism?

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/camelswithhammers Camels With Hammers

      Could someone explain what this has to do with feminism?

      My guess is people are “helpfully” questioning what various foods will do for her weight.

    • Sheesh

      Weight shaming is generally aimed at women. Careful intake control is necessary to uphold sexual desirability, you see. Male fatness or I should say the male figure in general is traditionally less strictly judged by shape and weight. E.g., it’s ok for attractive women to be with fat men (or otherwise unattractive men) if those men are rich, stable, powerful, socially respected, etc.

      The cultural basis for the wish in question can be put more plainly: women that eat a lot are less fuckable and are therefore less acceptable.

  • http://www.secularcafe.org/index.php davidb

    I shall pass this on to the feminists (of whatever gender) on my favourite discussion board.

    David B

  • marcus

    But… but, then things will be all equal and stuff! What about my special privileges for having testicles and a penis? And besides I’m sure some man somewhere has also suffered some kind of disadvantage for being a man. What about his rights?

  • http://bitingwordsfromaskepticalfeminist.blogspot.com/ The Ys

    My addition to the list:

    For people to stop equating feminism with misandry instead of an earnest desire to be seen as and treated as equals.

    • http://sidhe3141.blogspot.com sidhe3141

      Amen. I love my friends to bits, but some of them simply watch far too much FOX.

  • http://nathandst.blogspot.com NathanDST

    For “but what about teh menz!” to die as a meme, because there’s simply no more point to it.

    To not have female friends and others thinking that men should ask their father’s for permission to marry them (I recently had this debate).

  • Amy Clare

    Ooh ooh, I have some!

    Not to be ridiculed or slated for wanting to keep my surname if I get married;

    To turn on a TV show that isn’t about gossip, shopping, beauty or parenting and know that I will see women adequately represented;

    and a biggie…

    To be able to pursue/start a relationship with a man safe in the knowledge that he sees me as an equal.

  • LuckyLuigi

    Amusingly, the comic sinfest has suddenly gone on a feminist rampage.


    It must be something in the air.


    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/camelswithhammers Camels With Hammers

      Thanks for the link! I love the one about Calvin and Hobbes and went and posted about it.

  • martha

    Most of all I want my daughters to be safe and be treated as people with just as much potential to be smart and capable as anyone else. The safety end of that is worrying me after reading about all the crap people post to/about women. I don’t know how to prepare them for it.

    I want room made in our society for parenting by either/both/all genders, and not just for the sake of parents and kids. I’m pretty sure that being able to count on parenting work being done for free makes society less willing to respect/pay decent wages for parenting-like work such as child care and teaching. I know how urgently some young women want to be around and look after children. That makes it easy to pay them tiddlywinks for skilled and difficult work, and that’s exploitive.

    But I also think this is a tricky issue. For the sake of the environment, it would seem to make sense to make child bearing a costly choice no matter what the effect on parents and children. On the other hand, Europeans, who have decent parental benefits and safety nets, aren’t making extra babies, but people in poorer countries without all that are. I wonder what’s going on there that isn’t obvious.

    • carolw

      What’s going on is lack of access to affordable birth control. But that is obvious, isn’t it.

  • Robert B.

    >.< It seems almost goofy, but I second the one about toys. I'm working as a clerk in a store that sells (among other things) toys, and, Holy Gender Roles, Batman! It's not just the stores, the manufacturers mark out the toys and toy packaging with so many gender role identifiers that to actually print "For boys" or "For girls" would be less clear and explicit. Three out of four art and fashion toys are for girls. Nine out of ten building and construction toys are for boys. And while a clear-thinking parent could probably get away with getting their daughter “boys’ toys,” it could never work the other way – the “girls’ toys” are wrapped in so many pink princesses and lavender butterflies that I sometimes get a twinge of socialized shame at holding them in public, and I’m a gay feminist adult who’s clearly just doing my job and stocking shelves. A young boy (target ages here are usually ten or under) who could ignore his socialization enough to have fun with these toys would have to be a tiny saint of gender politics.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001373579092 martalayton

    I seriously have only one feminist wish: for there to be no need for feminism.

    That is said with all due respect and gratitude to the feminists that came before me. I mean it in the sense that I wish there was no need for oncologists or domestic abuse counselors. Because, while I am a bit of a closet feminist at times, I really just want to be a humanist, and that be good enough to work toward justice for all.

    (In addition to the freethought sense, I mean…)