Feminists Make Their Demands

Okay, start wincing, grimacing, and furrowing your brows my poor fellow beleaguered victimized brothers worldwide—a whole bunch of women, inspired by an unsavory rabble-rouser named Gia Milinovich who unreasonably wants “no more rape threats online”, have taken to Twitter to start demanding all sorts of insane things from us:

leenie909 Eileen Sarett-Cuasay: #feministwishlist For people to realize that women are not a “special interest group.” We’re half the planet.

c_quigley Christine Quigley: #feministwishlist To give men equal parental leave opportunities so new families can choose what works for them.

sweetmachineSP Sweet Machine: For clothing and bras of all sizes to be sold in the same stores and cost the same at each size. #FeministWishList

louisebrealey Louise Brealey: For men who’re not feminists to explain to the women in their lives why they don’t believe in equality for women. #feministwishlist

queerpup Robin: #feministwishlist To never hear the word feminist used as though it were a slur, and treated as though it were a shameful thing to be.

PinkStinksUK Pinkstinks: For women and girls to be judged on what they say and do and not on what they look like – that’ll be the day #FeministWishList

MissEllieMae Ellie Mae O’Hagan: Not to hear the response ‘don’t worry, you’ll change your mind’ when I say I don’t want children. #feministwishlist & To no longer be told I need to ‘get a sense of humour’ when I object to something sexist. #feministwishlist

AmandaMarcotte Amanda Marcotte: That being childless or single isn’t considered a tragedy for women. #feministwishlist

sillypunk sillypunk: For their just to be a toys section instead of a girls and boys toy section #FeministWishList

eeleach Elizabeth Eva Leach: For people not to tell me that something *can’t* be sexist because lots of women they know do, say, or don’t mind it. #feministwishlist

boudledidge Hannah M: To see people stop using the term “real women”#feministwishlist

DawnHFoster Eoin McLove: To be able to eat a meal without people suggesting I should express guilt and anguish about everything I consume. #feministwishlist

giagia Gia Milinovich: If I open a door for you, please walk through it. Even if you’re a man. I’m just being nice to a fellow human being. #FeministWishList

viragotweets Virago Tweets: No FGM #FeministWishList

sallycow Sally Ford: @giagia permanent deletion of the term “frape” for the comedic hijacking of a friend’s facebook profile. #FeministWishList

viragotweets Virago Tweets: For women and men to pursue one another equally, rather than one being forced into passivity by socialised ‘rules’ #FeministWishList

giagia Gia Milinovich: If I choose stay home & raise my kids instead of work, it’s my choice & I’m VERY lucky I’m able to do it. Don’t judge me. #FeministWishList
viragotweets Virago Tweets: Being judged on my abilities, not my gender or my age#FeministWishList

beckypants Becky Pants: *gets wishing* RT @giagia Along with ‘no more rape threats online’ the following are a few little things from my #FeministWishList Add yours

emawithonem Ema Holt: not being told how to be, or be patronised by men#feministwishlist

ChewwyLee Chloe Kinrade-Thomas: #feministwishlist to see my Dad and have him ask how my PhD is going, not ask how much I weigh right now

evaDrD Dr Dave: #feministwishlist a gender neutral term for men who agree with feminism’s desire for equality. FeMANist?

MilkChocGrrrl Gaju Muhigi: I want to live in a world where people focus on women’s accomplishments rather than their looks. #feministwishlist

HolzmanTweed Dan Holzman-Tweed: Men thinking in terms of having women’s backs rather than protecting them. #feministwishlist

eveibelieve Jenny Howe: To simply be respected for my intellect and abilities rather than my dress sense #feministwishlist

The horror. The horror.

Your Feminist Wish List? Your Thoughts?

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