Flying Spaghetti Monster Wedding Cake

Behold the wedding cake of the future in which atheists attain supreme, hegemonic cultural control:

via Friendly Atheist

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Your Cakes?

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  • martalayton

    Oh, I love it Dan! That earned a decided chuckle. I have a special place in my heart for FSM, so much so that when people ask me my denomination I often jokingly call myself a Martafarian, in honor of Pastafarianism.

    While we’re on the topic, I wonder about your thoughts on atheism/secularism and holiday cards? Recently I tried to find some cards that were suitable for atheist friends and were not just coopting Christian symbols and heritage in a way that was inappropriate. As an atheist, do you believe it is appropriate to send holiday cards to atheists (both to fellow atheists and those who claim a religious connection to the holidays of the season)? And if so, what would an appropriate atheist holiday card look like? It might make an interesting post, if you were so inclined.

    • Camels With Hammers

      Good question indeed, Marta, I’ll pose it in a couple days to the readers! I know Digital Cuttlefish on Freethought Blogs has been toying with secular themed holiday poems.

      I really dislike getting stuff with religious messages personally. They don’t resonate with me and it strikes me as pushy from my religious friends. Even if they don’t mean it as a way of asserting their meaning of the holiday season onto me, it always feels like that’s what they’re doing sending religious cards indiscriminately out.

      I think there are plenty of universal, irreligious secular images. The Christmas tree is fine, the presents are fine, the snow is fine, the candles, wreathes, etc. There is so much seasonal iconography that makes no reference to mangers that coupled with a secular printed message I’d have no problem with.