Full Video of Republican Theocratathon

Last weekend the Republican candidates met for the “Thanksgiving Family Forum” where, except for Ron Paul, they each tried to prove they were the holiest Christian and, therefore, the most deserving candidate for president of our theocracy democracy. The actual discussions with the candidates do not start until 36 minutes in.

And, as Jerry Coyne helpfully points out, those who do not have the endurance to watch the whole disgusting anti-American mess, can get a digest of awfulness by reading William Saletan’s collection of salient quotations from the evening.

My detailed arguments about what is wrong with the sorts of attitudes these candidates express are in the following posts:

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Your Thoughts?

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  • Gordon

    If religion matters so much to these people why don’t they quit politics and become priests/pastors/ministers?

    Oh, because they are dominionists (who, of course, don’t exist)

  • laurentweppe

    The religious values we must fight for are Judeo-Christian. Rick Perry warned
    Our laws and our national identity are Judeo-Christian. Michele Bachmann explained:

    In Europe, the far-right has used “Judeo-Christian” as a coded word for “racial-purity” since antisemitism became politically radiocative (before that, it was “Christian” tout court).

    The purge of judges should be based on public opinion

    Yeah, right: And what will you do when old homophobes die of old age while more and more pro-gay mariage youth reach voting age. This is such a transparent lie: when not in power, demagogues are always good at claiming that they want to do the people bidding, only to give uniforms, arms and privileges to thugs then charged to beat into submission the very people they claimed to served as soon as they can.