Greta Deftly and Thoroughly Explains Atheist Anger To The Bewildered

Greta’s talk at Skepticon IV hits the nail on the head about the nature and justification of atheist anger:

Her blog post on atheists and anger from 2007 is a definitive go-to piece for me when I am asked about atheist anger.

Your Thoughts?

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  • starskeptic

    I had never seen Greta speak before – I am awestruck at this video. And very pleased to have her out saying things I wish I had the ability to say…

  • Rieux

    I agree that the content of Greta’s talk—which is actually derived substantially from two terrific blog posts, the magisterial “Atheists and Anger” and the nearly-as-good “The Armor of God“—is outstanding. As a writer and rhetoritician, Greta is clearly one of the top x advocates we outspoken atheists have, where x is a very small whole number.

    On Greta’s own thread putting up this video, though, I was the lone commenter who thought her presentation skills could better match up to the superlative quality of her material. Am I the only one who sees it that way?

  • Rieux

    …I’ll take that as a “yes.”