Hemant Mehta Declares WAR on Freethought Blogs!

Hemant Mehta, the internet’s friendly neighborhood atheist linked to a really interesting article on the founding of Patheos and the philosophy of its founders. They come across more as outsiders to religion sincerely devoted to providing accuracy and quality in the presentation of a range of viewpoints and to accomplishing the Herculean task of getting the bloggers and commenters on their sites to genuinely engage with each other.

But what interests us here is that Hemant ended his post by instigating WAR against Freethought Blogs! He took aim first against our beloved Digital Cuttlefish:

 other non-theistic bloggers have joined the site and more of them will be coming soon.

I suppose that means we can all look forward to Patheos’ next phase: The inevitable war with Freethought Blogs. (Bring it, Cuttlefish.)

It is on!

And when we capture Richard Wade, I call dibs on him writing for my blog!

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