My Review of the New Dorito

Christians like to claim that there is a “God-shaped hole” in all of us. But as anyone who knows me knows, all I have is a triangular shaped hole which can only be filled by Doritos. So, it is an important occasion each time they release a new flavor. Last night for the first time, I tried the new “taco flavor”. Basically, you can tell from the package it’s straight up “bland” version because there is someone out there who wants to know what Doritos would taste like without any flavors, including cheese. So, they made a straight taco shell flavor. And it basically tastes like what you would get if you ground up a Taco Bell meat and cheese hard taco into the finest of powders which you could barely taste and then sprinkled it atop a tasteless tortilla chip. They should have just brought back the tasty Taco Bell chip they had out a while back.

Grade: C-

Your Thoughts?

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