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  • cookingwithdogs

    (Non)Science for Dummies

  • plutosdad

    When I got down to History Channel, I thought it was going to be “anti mythbusting” with all their Alien Astronauts, Nostradamus, and other ridiculous shows that teach magic and myth as if it were real, and in the end are just as bad as other science denialism since unlike the “cool” and “dumb” shows, the myth shows actually harm people’s ability to think critically.

  • Ƶ§œš¹

    I remember when MTV came to show so few music videos that they made MTV2. I was under the impression that History International and Discovery Times were sort of like the MTV2s of the science channels. I wonder how they would stack up.

  • James C.


    History Channel now has an H2 channel, I kid you not.

  • http://freethoughtblogs.com/lousycanuck/ Jason Thibeault

    I’m with @2: the History Channel needs a chunk for Hitler, and a very large chunk for random pseudoscience.

  • Dunc

    Yeah, needs a lot more Hitler… Also, there should be a fairly hefty segment labelled “gratuitous explosions” – seriously, when you’re spending more time talking about the quantity of ANFO you’re about to blow up to (badly) illustrate some concept than you do actually talking about the concept you’re trying to illustrate, something’s gone wrong somewhere. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Phil Plait – or at least your editors.)

    I am so thankful for the BBC.

  • peterh

    I don’t know about the ice truckers, but I do live in the area where the Pelletier’s logging takes place – and soooo much of that series was staged as to make it laughable. It’s so easy to watch those channels (we don’t get the Science Channel up here) and note how readily one producer’s stock cliché-ridden formula gets slapped onto the next production. Their “science” is generally as predictable as “Survivor.”

  • Lauren Ipsum

    wait, what NatGeo show is about debunking myths? I love Mythbusters; I’d totally watch another decent debunking show.

    I want to see the chart which demonstrates how many shows (and ads) Mike Rowe is involved in. He’s got an amazing voice, and he’s not hard on the eyes, so I’m not complaining, but dude is a total camera whore.