South Park Savages Dogmatic Agnostics

Someone finally satirizes the agnostics for once, starting at 0:50 in the first video below and continuing through the others.

(My own quibbles with agnostics are spelled out more philosophically and less humorously primarily in the posts
7 Reasons Why I Label Myself An Atheist Rather Than An Agnostic, Beyond Agnosticism: More Details About How I Know Various Kinds Of Gods Do Not Exist, Based On Scientific And Philosophical Reasons, The “A” Word, Believing Too Little Is As Bad As Believing Too Much, and Mostly True, Not Mostly False.)

  • sumdum

    Sadly can’t be viewed outside the USA. :(

  • F

    It didn’t really satirize agnostics as much as strawmen*, with some ridiculous adherence to definite indefiniteness about definite things, and a penchant for child abuse. Which was more like a take on the bizarrely religious with an “agnostic” label affixed to them.

    *Not hyperboles. They were far beyond that.

    Heck, I’m not going to defend agnostics any more than I’d apologize for apologists, fathiests, or the religious. But SP is sometimes way the hell off the hook with no point and no redeeming entertainment value. And Matt and Trey frequently say the dumbest shit imaginable. (Whether or not anything they say has anything to do with what they actually believe or think about anything, if they, in fact, think about anything.) SP can be hilarious and fairly observant, but sometimes I just hit that OK-WTF-Bored wall when watching. Oh, and their Cthulhu? Teh sux.