It's Christmas Eve, So You Know Who Is Going To Visit…

No, not Santa Claus—as it turns out, he doesn’t exist. The Flying Spaghetti Monster, on the other hand…

via Working Class Atheists.

Your Thoughts?

Comparing Humanism and Religion and Exploring Their Relationships to Each Other
Comparing Humanism and Religion and Exploring Their Relationships to Each Other
Drunken Mall Santa
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  • laurentweppe


  • Pierce R. Butler

    Aren’t all those goodies for the Dwarf?

    • Rising Ape

      You mean the midgit?

    • Pierce R. Butler

      Ye gads – I’ve been speling it rong all theze yeers!

  • Aratina Cage

    At my home, we are touched by her noodly (buckwheat) appendage on New Year’s Eve, not Christmas Eve.

  • Markita Lynda, happy Winter Solstice, everyone!

    Very cute!

  • jakc

    Nothing makes my Pastfarian noodle water boil more than the heretics who celebrate the arrival of the Noodly One on New Year’s Eve – that calls for some steak burning!

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM.

    It’s also Hogswatch Eve.

    The Hogfather (or reasonable facsimile thereof) with his four hogs, Gouger, Rooter, Tusker and Snouter, pulling his sleigh, will be visiting the disc tonight. He will be giving pork products to all the good boys and girls and a bag of bloody bones to the naughty ones.


    • F

      Hey – that wasn’t the Hogfather! And I see two blue lights, what the