Sick. Please Catch Up On Previous Posts While I Take A Short Hiatus

Well, it was bound to happen. I’m finally sick. For over 3 months now I’ve been working 6 days a week teaching 9 sections of philosophy at 5 schools which are spread over 4 land masses in 3 states, all while devoting Sundays and late nights and early mornings to writing near daily philosophical essays for Camels With Hammers. I was bound to physically wear down, and I have. Fortunately, I have only a few remaining lectures to give this semester as the teaching for one of my courses is already done and in half the others I have the students debating each other for their final class periods.

Next week, I should be healthy again so I am planning to return December 11.  I will have tons of grading to do but I should have time and energy to blog given my reduced schedule. I’ll have almost no more teaching to do and much less traveling to take up my time. I’ll just be administering exams and grading like a maniac. As long as I’m healthy again, that should not preclude a couple hours of daily blogging time for my own sanity. And I plan to blog straight through the holidays and to devote most of my winter break to studying and blogging. So I should be back up to speed relatively shortly and be blogging full steam into the new year.

In the meantime though, I cannot write when I’m sick. When I’m feeling bad I feel bad about everything I write. (Including this blog post. Doesn’t it suck?) So, it’s just pointlessly discouraging even to try writing when I’m like this. I could just continue aggregating neat stuff from the interwebs all week (and I might), but in case anyone comes by looking for actual substantive articles, I’d prefer they can find them easily. So for those of you who would like to take advantage of my brief hiatus as a chance to catch up on interesting stuff you have missed, below is a list of links to the original writing I’ve done on the blog since my last recap. I think the posts’ titles are mostly self-explanatory.

Natural Functions

“Not Everything In Life Is Logical”

Some People Live Better As Short-Lived Football or Boxing Stars Than As Long Lived Philosophers

A Call For Submissions From Closeted Religion-Critics In Academia (Or in Goverment, Or In Business, etc.)

Atheist Fundamentalism?

Defending Philosophy 1: A Reply To Dr. Coyne

Breaking News: Yankee Fan Takes Joy In Other Team’s Victory

Before I Deconverted: My Christian Childhood

Before I Deconverted: Ministers As Powerful Role Models

Jon Stewart Considers “In God We Trust” Debate Just A Waste of Time Distraction. Is It?

How Scalia Judges Based On Faith-Based, Religious Metaphysics

My hour long interview with the Angry Atheist podcast.

On The Supposed Irrelevance of Philosophy to Most People (Defending Philosophy)

A Critique of Noble Lies And The “Theologies” They Create

Bullying or Debating? Religious Privilege or Freedom of Speech?


The Universe Does Not Care About Our Morality. But So What?

Why Be Morally Dutiful, Fair, or Self-Sacrificing If The Ethical Life Is About Power?

A Philosophical Polemic Against Moral Nihilism

Before I Deconverted: I Was A Teenage Christian Contrarian

Thinking According To Scale

Jesus Wouldn’t DARE Coerce People Into Charity!

Calling Out And Debunking William Lane Craig’s Smears Against Infidels and Apostates

Why Moral Nihilism Is Self-Contradictory

Answering Objections From A Moral Nihilist

On Not-Pologies, Forgiveness, and Gelato

Yes, We Can Blame People For Their Feelings, Not Just Their Actions

Why Bother Blaming People At All? Isn’t That Just Judgmental?

If You Don’t Believe In Objective Values, Then Don’t Talk To Me About Objective Scientific Truth Either


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