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Eric Steinhart, has not posted yet since Camels With Hammers moved to Freethought Blogs and for a while we did not have the archives of his articles available. I am excited to announce that Eric will be coming back this week to fill for me while I am sick. And you can now read his fantastic record of existing posts. At the bottom of this post is a list of all his substantive writing on the site (and my replies to his few posts that I strongly disagreed with). Eric is a non-theist metaphysician and philosopher of religion. He is an associate professor of philosophy at William Paterson University and is the author of many scholarly articles and the books The Logic of Metaphor–Analogous Parts of Possible WorldsOn Nietzsche, and More Precisely: The Math You Need to Do Philosophy. Last year Luke Muehlhauser conducted a really fascinating interview with Eric about the Neo-Platonic God, the God of the Bible, and the metaphysics of Richard Dawkins in an interview you can listen to here: Conversations From The Pale Blue Dot: Eric Steinhart.

6 Basic Kinds of Answer to the Question “Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?”

The Positive Content of Atheism

The Simulation Hypothesis

The Secret Agreement between Atheists and Theists

Atheism and Leibniz

Can Atheists do Math?

Physics is Grounded in Mathematics

The Atheistic Fine Tuning Argument

Atheistic Design Arguments

Uploading and Religion: Criticism of Stross

The History of the Singularity

Monotheism and Polytheism

Atheists = Evolvers (which I challenged in the post Contra-Steinhart: Why We Should Not Identify As “Evoluionists”)

On Evolutionary Atheism

Why Atheists are Obligated to Hold Positive Speculative Beliefs

Evolutionary Metaphysics is not Faith

An Atheistic Evolutionary Metaphysics

On the Dangers of Inflation

Some Explanations for Our Universe

Loveliness is Rare

Process Atheism

On Evolution

An Example of Atheist Faith (which I challenged with the post Disambiguating Faith: Naturalism, Materialism, Empiricism, And Wrong, Weak, And Unsupported Beliefs Are All Not Necessarily Faith Positions)

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