Top Your Tree With the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

You can order one here. More atheist themed holiday decorations here.

A closer view below the fold:

FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster) tree topper

Your Thoughts?

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  • Jeff Sherry

    LOL, I would have expected the noodley appendages to wrap around the tree like garland.

  • ajb47

    For $120, this better be one *intelligent* designer.


  • Ned Champlain

    And take a picture dressed as a pirate for your family holiday card

  • SteveV

    there’s a distinct lack of Pirates.

    Hmmm. – Heretic!! Burn the heretic!!!!!

  • Juha L

    I always make my own Flying Spaghetti Monster to celebrate FSMas.

  • The Doubter

    Beats putting up a plastic star or angel! :)

  • Steve Schuler

    The pressing question is whether this artwork has intrinsic beauty or if it can only be experienced as beautiful subjectively. If there were no one to experience it, could it still be thought to possess the inherent quality of beauty?

    Or maybe I’m just confused….