A Conversation With Hank Fox, The Blue Collar Atheist

So this weekend, I listened to two episodes of Reap Paden’s Angry Atheist podcast. First, I finally overcame my wariness about listening to myself and heard the interview I gave back in November and was very much pleased with it. I hope you’ll take a listen if you have not yet, as it’s a really nice introduction to me and overview of what I think about a lot of things. Then, I listened to Hank Fox’s interview from yesterday and, again, I hope you will also take a listen if you have not yet, as it’s a really nice introduction to one of my favorite bloggers and an overview of what he thinks about a lot of things. It has only increased my enthusiasm at the prospect of someday finally getting to sit down with him face to face for a chat.

Hank Fox’s blog is Blue Collar Atheist, his book is Red Neck, Blue Collar, Atheist: Simple Thoughts About Reason, Gods and Faith, and the book’s hilarious must-see commercial is below the fold:

Your Thoughts?

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